Students have the right to withdraw from the University at any time. Northcentral University team members who receive a request to withdraw from the University will process the request on behalf of the student, using the date they received the request as the Request Date.


Students may also be dismissed from the University for Non-Attendance, Non-Payment, lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress, or violation of the Code of Conduct or Academic Integrity policy.  See the Administrative Dismissal policy.

Dismissed or withdrawn students receiving Federal Financial Aid are subject to return of Title IV funds.

Course Drop

Students may drop a course at any time.  However:

Once a student is registered for a course, the start date may not be moved.  To start the course at a later time, the student must drop the course and re-register.

Calculating Refunds

In the event of course drop or withdrawal from the University, refunds are based on amounts already paid by the student and on when the drop and/or withdrawal are requested. 

Withdrawal or Drop Prior to Course Registration

Pre-paid tuition for courses in which the student is not yet registered is refunded 100%.

Withdrawal or Drop within 7 days from and Including Course Start Date

Students may request withdrawal or course drop and receive a full refund of all monies paid to date if:

Over 7 days from and including Course Start Date

Full tuition is charged for any courses for which the student has entered the course room and more than 7 days including the course start date have elapsed.

Refund Processing Time

Tuition refunds are provided within 30 days of the Withdrawal Request Date or date the course is dropped. The student will be notified if a balance is due to the University.