The Northcentral University Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program is an undergraduate program designed for students interested in obtaining a degree in psychology. The program offers a foundation in psychology that allows for the application of psychology to bachelor's level careers in industry, helping professions, government, and nonprofit agencies. The program also provides knowledge and skills that are a basis for further education in psychology and related fields.

The program requires the successful completion of at least 30 credits at Northcentral University for a total of 120 credit hours. Students enter the program with at least 60 transfer credits that include the completion of all general education requirements (see Basis of Admissions for more details).

Goals of the BA Program in Psychology

The goals (referred to as Student Learning Outcomes) of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program are as follows:

General Degree Requirements

This degree requires a total of 120 semester credit hours, with a minimum of 60 credits in transfer from an accredited institution.  In addition:

The University will accept a maximum of 90 lower and upper division semester credit hours in transfer toward the bachelor's degree for coursework completed at an accredited college or university with a grade of "C" or better.

If a student does not have Introduction to Psychology course in transfer from an accredited institution, then the student must complete PSY2000, Introduction to Psychology, prior to completing any other course.  This course does not count toward the 30 required credits.  PSY4500, Capstone in Psychology, must be the student’s last course on their degree plan.

Completion Time for the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Program

Normal time to completion for this program is 51 months. Time to completion varies depending upon the pace in which a student completes courses and the number of transfer credits accepted. As most Northcentral students are working adults balancing educational, professional, and personal commitments, our academic advisors will work with you to develop a program schedule that works best for your needs.

The normal time disclosed above reflects the experience of students who may have entered under different program requirements. In the quest for continuous improvement, academic leadership has revised the program to optimize curriculum and pace, facilitate student learning, and improve chances for success. Therefore, the program is now designed for students enrolling today to take advantage of these revised course structures, lengths, and schedules. New students following the preferred schedule designed by the Dean for this program, and applying no transfer credits, can expect to finish in as little as 21 months.

Required Northcentral University Psychology Courses (10 courses) – 30 semester credit hours.

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Foundations for Undergraduate Study


Abnormal Psychology


Human Development


Basic Research Methods in Psychology


Social Psychology


Ethics and Professional Issues


Multicultural Psychology


Introduction to Statistics in Psychology


Evolutionary Psychology


Capstone in Psychology

Psychology Electives – Available to students to complete 120 credit hour requirement.   

Students may select any undergraduate Northcentral course to fulfill this requirement. Your Academic Advisor can assist you in choosing courses applicable to your career goals.


Overview of Substance Abuse and Addiction


Forensic Psychology


Community Psychology: Prevention and Change


Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSY4204 -8

Adult Aging


Principles of Mental Health


Critical Thinking and Personal Development


Psychology of Learning


Human Sexual Behavior


Psychology and Health


Research Project

Students may select any undergraduate Northcentral course to fulfill this requirement. Your Academic Advisor can assist you in choosing courses applicable to your career goals.