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In the NCU Writing Process, the Drafting phase begins as soon as the writer chooses to initiate Drafting.  Some writers choose to take notes as they read and translate those notes into early drafts. Other writers choose to compile the notes from all reading and research into an organized outline before beginning the Drafting phase. Every writer has a different process, a process that works best with the writer's individual learning and writing style. To aid the writer, the Drafting section of the NCU Writing Center offers a variety of tools designed to advance the Drafting process. To determine which Drafting methods are most appropriate, a writer should experiment with every Drafting method available, keeping the methods that advance the Drafting process and discarding the methods that don't advance the Drafting process. Writers are encouraged to experiment with all of the tools provided in this section.


      Crafting an Arguable Thesis Statement (Narrowing the Topic)

      Crafting a Research Question

      Crafting a Hypothesis

      Choosing a Mode Part 1

      Choosing a Mode Part 2

      Crafting a Topic Sentence for Each Paragraph

      Crafting the Evidence, Analysis, and Transition for Each Paragraph (MEAL)

      Choosing to Summarize, Paraphrase or Quote

      Integrating Summaries, Paraphrases, and Quotes

      Creating a Reverse Outline from a Written Draft