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Revising the Draft for Development

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Revising the Draft for Development:

A Content Category on the NCU Rubric


NCU Definition of Development


In the NCU Writing Process, revising to enhance Development begins as soon as the writer is comfortable with the Focus of the text and is ready to move on to advancing that focus by enhanced development or through evidence presented. Some writers choose to revise Development by structured means, like completing a Reverse Outline to determine where more evidence is needed. Some writers choose to revise by making notes in the margins and moving sentences and paragraphs around, adding points and taking them away as deemed necessary. To aid the writer, the Development section of the NCU Writing Center offers a variety of diverse tools designed to advance the revision of Development. To determine which revision methods for Development are most appropriate, a writer should experiment with every Development tool available, keeping the methods that advance revision and discarding the methods that don't. Writers are encouraged to experiment with all of the tools provided in this section.


Using the Reverse Outline to Locate Evidence

MEAL Plan (Main idea, Evidence, Analysis, Link) 


To assist writers (a) in revising for Development and (b) in composing relevant questions about their writing to seek feedback from peers or Mentors, the handout below provides a list of the questions that will help writers address common areas in need of improvement in the Development category of the NCU Rubric.


            Revision Strategies: Development